PPC Process Overview

The Dynamic Web Services PPC campaign consists of 5 steps.

  1. Keyword analysis
  2. Ad campaign creation and set-up on Google Adwords and Bing network, based on keywords to target
  3. Monthly budget determination
  4. Manage daily budget , cost per click (CPC), resubmissions, and advertising
  5. Monthly reporting

PPC Campaign Details

  • Keyword Analysis - Dynamic Web Services will conduct a keyword analysis and target relevant keyword in your PPC ad campaigns. These keywords will be targeted based on cost per click, daily budget (up to 200 keywords). This also includes a negative keyword analysis, to ensure certain keywords are excluded.
  • Ad Campaign Creation - We will create unique ads based on the keywords you are targeting. These ads will be displayed based on CPC, daily/monthly budget, relevancy. This includes three ad campaigns and 3 ads in each campaign. (Note: $25.00 for each additional ad campaign, additional $5 per ad)
  • Monthly Budget Determination - Dynamic Web Services will recommend and will get final approval on a monthly budget is willing to agree upon for their PPC advertising campaign (Note: This fee is not included in the initial set-up and monthly management fee. This expense will be the responsibility of the customer)
  • Management
    • Maintain ads
    • Daily budget and monthly budget - we will see that you do not surpass your set allowance
    • Resubmit ads - we will resubmit and adjust all ads that are denied for re-inclusion
    • Monitor - will review CPC and adjust ads according to cost and optimal positions, we will look at competitor bids on keywords, and place your ad in the best position your daily budget will allow
    • Weekly review, we will review all ads and give recommendations on ads that you may want to target more or less based on reported results.
  • Monthly Reporting - you will receive monthly reporting from us. These reports will show you how many impressions your ad has, how many times your ad was clicked, and the associated costs per click. You can use this reporting for analysis for conversion rates and monitor how successful your PPC campaign is.

  • Initial Set-up costs $495
  • Monthly Fee of $250 up to $2000 for a monthly budget
    or 20% of monthly budget
* Monthly Budget fee not included

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