Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Programs
Once your site is live and on the internet you need to start driving quality traffic to your site. We offer the following extensive programs that allow your company to obtain high rankings on the most widely used search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask and MSN Live. Search Engines are the most popular way for people to find what they are looking for on the web, and with our 6 month packages we can help you obtain the high positioning needed to drive that crucial traffic to your website.
What do people type in the search engines? We will finalize a list of the best keywords that people use when looking for your product and services, and will target these keywords in your campaign.
What are your competitors doing? Who are your Competitors? What Keywords are your competitors using and what are their rankings? All this will be answered through our Competitor Analysis.
Metatags are snippets of HTML code for search engines and are still an important process of your SEO Campaign. Some metatags have a higher importance than others and we will optimize the most important ones to maximize search engine positioning.
This is extremely crucial to your site. The addition of content within your existing website enhances your offerings and will assist in increasing your ranking and visibility. We will create this extra content in a way that search engines like and this will help increase your website visibility.
Search engines like it when you point them in the right direction. We will develop site maps that will show the search engines all your pages and where to go to find them. Also we will indicate to them which pages are more important than others and should take priority.
This allows us to indicate to the search engines what they can and cannot index when they visit your site. For example we do not want them to index test pages, private material or unrelated directories.
Website Verification:
We will verify your site with the top two search engines Google and Yahoo.
Manual submission to the search engines is highly recommended. Today there are many automotive tools that abuse the right to submit to search engines and start to spam. We firmly believe and submit your site by hand to all the major search engines.
Manual submissions to directories are another great way to increase rankings and gain visibility. The best way to increase your rankings is by industry specific directory inclusions.
Selective Submission:
Not all search engines and directories offer free inclusions. Our expert consultants will sit down with you and go over budget and recommendations on what directories and search engines you should consider.
Automated Submission:
Automated submissions are still warranted when used appropriately. We only use "best practices" when submitting your site to directories and search engines. Our team knows what directories we need to submit manually or automated.
Linking Services and Strategies: (Back Links, Reciprocal Linking, 1-Way Linking)
This is extremely crucial to any successful SEO campaign. Our linking service entails sourcing appropriate link partners- that will benefit your website. The search engine world today is such that any successful campaign necessarily includes a comprehensive linking strategy.
Linking Strategy includes:
  • Review of the link site, evaluating for relevance
  • Establishing communications and submit a link request
  • Management of the relationship thereafter
  • Building the necessary link directory for your site.
  • Tracking the status of links to ensure they remain live and benefit to your efforts.
Management: (Monitor, Maintain, Recode, Resubmit)
We will continuously evaluate your website and make any adjustments that are required. Your website will be monitored on a bi-weekly basis and ranking reports will be issued monthly. If for any reason our system alerts us to a decline in rankings, we will analyze the change and re-code as needed.
  • Ongoing maintenance, modifications, re-submissions and re-coding required by the frequent changes in search engine ranking algorithm
Additionally, we offer 24 hour, real-time statistics accessible by all parties involved. We also deliver to you comprehensive, easy to read monthly reports. Our system identifies origin of site visitors, search terms and keywords used to locate your site. They also inform as to what click paths users pursued once on the site, entry and exit pages, server uptime, and several other statistics pertinent to conducting business online.
email marketing:
e-mail marketing is still a successful way to drive traffic to your site and convert visits to sales. Again we only use "best practice" techniques and set up campaigns that are only highly relevant to you. We only drive high quality visitors to your site.
Lead Generation:
Through our affiliate programs, cross marketing, banner advertising and unique data capturing methods we provide an avenue for lead generation that dramatically improves conversion rates.
Web 2.0:
The future of web development is Web 2.0 and we can program this into your website. Today's customer wants a site that's user interactive and provides dynamic content. This also improves your rankings!